Chop Love in Canary Wharf
We’re giddy with excitement to announce we’re heading to Canary Wharf this spring. Feel free to sign up to our newsletter to keep up with the latest news and to ensure you’re top of the Soft Launch guest list!

Our Meat

Philip Warren & Son

Our aim has always been to serve the very best meat our fair land has to offer whilst being kind on your wallet. Before opening Blacklock, we travelled up and down the land in our quest for the holy grail. From Yorkshire to Wales, Scotland to Dorset, we tried it all and, with a few more pounds around the waist, stumbled fortuitously on now lifelong friend, Matt Chatfield and father and son, Philip and Ian Warren. Cornwall’s oldest third-generation farmers and butchers, the Warren Family have had one goal since 1880, to breed the very best native and rare breed meat in the world. Philip and Ian care for the Blacklock herds, each one raised sustainably, living long, happy lives on beautiful moors grazing on lush Cornish grass, just as nature intended.

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Our Planet Promise

Good Times Matched with Good Deeds

We want to play our part to help build a sustainable future for our planet, which those after us will inherit and leave a positive mark on society and the environment. We work with Ecologi and together are planting trees in the UK and Africa to support the regeneration of wildlife habitats to help in reducing the overall impact of our daily lives. To see how our Forest is growing and the benefit your meal has made to Momma Earth, check out our page via the Ecologi website.

The Whole Animal

Nothing Wasted

We use the whole animal to make something of everything and increase sustainability. This means we farm less intensively, minimise waste and ensure the highest quality. From skinny chops piled high in an All In to the Sunday Roast (almost as good as Mum’s), this meat always puts a smile on our faces, and we hope it does you too.