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Blacklock is a B Corp!

After submitting our application this time last year, we have received confirmation that we are now officially a B Corp

We love running restaurants. It’s our passion. But we’re equally dedicated to being a company that does good more widely and so, we are absolutely thrilled to share the news that we are now officially a B Corp.

When we first heard about B Corp, back on a lockdown zoom call (remember those?!), it instantly (well, after a quick Google search if we’re honest) resonated with us and how we’ve always done things – put our people at the heart of everything to try and be a great place to work first and foremost whilst being mindful of the impact we are having generally – all in the hope that great restaurants should (with a bit of luck) follow.

Well, it’s been quite the journey since that first zoom call. After the deepest of dives into all of our practices and every nook and cranny from people to governance, sustainability to our community engagement, we submitted our application a little over a year ago (you may remember). The assessment process is rigorous for very good reason, and, whilst it hasn’t fundamentally changed anything we do, or our Northstar as a company, it has really gotten us laser-focussed on how we do things, and crucially, how to strive to be better every day.  

Something we’re proud of that grew from our application has been our B Keepers, an internal group of representatives from across the restaurants, encouraged to provide impartial feedback on how we’re doing in all areas and generate ideas to help drive improvements and change throughout Blacklock. 

We always try and make mindful choices, like sourcing sustainable regeneratively farmed meat, using the whole animal to make something of everything or, you might notice, we’ve push taps in all our bathrooms, meaning we only use what we need!

We’re proud to have been able to take this step and are delighted (if not a little apprehensive!) to join a global community of truly inspiring businesses, many of which we know and love, leading the charge on being a force for good. 

We know we’re far from perfect, but certifying as a B Corp means we’re on the right track and it’s lit the fire in our bellies to keep striving to be the best we can be.

A little bit about B Corp 

B Corp certification recognises companies that have proven to meet high social and environmental standards, putting their teams, the local community, and the environment at the heart of their decision-making.  Accountability and transparency about how things are going, from highlighting shortcomings (of which we’ve plenty) to championing successes, and pledging an ongoing commitment to improve and adapt are also vital. 

Becoming a B Corp is not an easy process; the bar is set high for good reason. With over 250 rigorous questions answered, every member of our team has played a vital role in enabling us to take this step to become a B Corp business.

So, next time you’re in the restaurants, give our team a quick high five if you have a moment; they’ve worked so hard and are doing such a great job to make this all possible.