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Barbecued British Halloumi
Our Brand New Meat-Free Main

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new meat-free main into the mix. Our Barbecued British Halloumi uses an awesome British alternative to to this classic cheese, light and crispy and piled high on a bed of coal roasted Jerusalem artichokes and spelt grain.

Not only is this seasonal special a lighter alternative for summer, this dish celebrates the work of some incredible British suppliers doing fantastic things with ingredients from our shores. From small scale cheesemakers to regenerative farmers working hard to bring key ingredients back into the mainstream British diet.

Katie Cordle is a long-standing friend of our wonderful cheesemaker, Neals Yard Dairy and the creator of our star ingredient. Unable to use the halloumi name due to PDO regulations, she was inspired by fellow cheesemaker Bill Oglethorpe, to create her very own Herefordshire Frier. Made in a micro-dairy in Katie’s front garden, this chewy and salty cheese produces a delicious, crispy, golden crust when fried, and delivers a rounded depth of flavour that is both slightly fermented and pleasantly fresh – the perfect accompaniment to the roasted artichokes and nutty spelt.

Spelt is having a major come-back. A nutty and nutritious grain, it’s a key player in our new meat-free main. We’re proud to be working with Sharpham Park, a Somerset Estate leading the way in the UK as the main grower of this fine British ingredient. 

The founder Roger Saul, was one of the early pioneers of this ancient grain which is produced on his organic mixed economy farm. Not only is this incredible producer dead-set on bringing spelt back into the British diet, Roger has also restored red deer to the park, brought back rare breeds, planted 300 walnut trees and created an organic rotation scheme to protect the environment and the soil, whilst being as productive as possible.

So, not only is this dish a lighter alternative for summer and a perfect option for anyone joining us for a pre-theatre bite, we’re celebrating some great new flavours  that also do a bit of good too. We’re can’t wait for you to try it!


(Available at Blacklock Soho, Covent Garden, Shoreditch and City)