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Summer’s Brew

There’s no denying that we love a good brew. As the days get warmer and the nights get longer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than basking in the sunshine, sharing a cold beer with friends after a busy day at work.

That’s why we were particularly excited when Harbour Beer, our much-loved suppliers and dear friends, suggested we should co-create a delicious, fruity pale ale in time for summer. 

The summer edition of our brand new beer from Harbour takes a seasonal approach to the brewing process with a fresh, light addition of rhubarb. Rhubarb stalks are added through the fermentation process with some natural flavour extract also dropped in for a big hit in the glass.  The hops are simple and restrained to ensure they don’t dominate the flavour.

For Eddie and the team at Harbour, it’s all about the quality of the beer. But, while the work is serious, they fully  understand a shared philosophy that life is for living and as important as the product is, it’s also about the experience. Enjoying a beer or a meal with the right people, in the right place is as important as taste and quality. We agree that the two tend to go hand in hand!

And as if by magic, the launch of this new brew coincides perfectly with the launch of our Shoreditch Summer Terrace,  set to open this July. So thank you Harbour! We love you guys and the taste of this scrumptious summer beer.