We’re giddy with excitement (alongside a dose of nervous pre-exam apprehension) that we’re opening Blacklock in Manchester this Autumn in a Grade II Listed warehouse. Do sign up to our newsletter to keep up with every step of the journey and to ensure you’re first in line for Soft Launch bookings!


That’s right! We’re positively giddy with excitement to announce that we’ll be bringing Blacklock to Canary Wharf this spring!

We love Canary Wharf’s history of the Docklands and Billingsgate, so when a landlord phoned to ask what we thought of a warehouse nestled in the corner of the North Dock underneath the railway tracks, our interest was piqued. Thoughts of some of our favourite bars under Brooklyn Bridge in New York abound and one trip later we knew it was our perfect home in Canary Wharf.

Fast forward through those legal bits, and our trusty build crew have begun revealing heritage walls and uncovering old floors while we scour vintage markets for that perfect, oh-so-rickety cocktail trolley, of course.

Back at base, our chefs are busily concocting new dishes in close cahoots with our besties at Philip Warren in Cornwall (plenty of never-before-seen deliciousness awaits) whilst our barkeeps mix up all manner of new drinks befitting what will be our biggest restaurant and bar yet!

​​​​​​​As ever, there’ll be all the usual and comforting Chop Love, including All Ins, Sunday Roasts (almost as good as Mum’s) and Granny’s White Chocolate Cheesecake (with the usual ‘say when’ approach to portion control)!

That’s about as much as we can let out the bag for now, but we do hope it sounds suitably fab!

Keep your eyes peeled for the full scoop in due course, and of course, you’ll be top of our invite list for our Soft Launch as we rely on your support and knowing eye in an all-important pre-opening week of final preparations for our team. There’ll be cut-price chops, a few honest mistakes and above all, lots of fun as we iron out those inevitable creases in our new restaurant!

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For those who might have been served by him in one of our bars, here’s Sam on his 5 year sabbatical! 5 years in, 3 promotions later and loving life!