Blackstock 2021

We’re back with the (usually) annual  staff party

In the height of Summer 2019 (what a blissful time!), we held the inaugural Blackstock. Our summer team festival to celebrate our fabulous people and all their incredible work (I’m sure you’ll agree it’s much deserved 😊).

When Summer 2020 rolled around, hosting a Summer party for two hundred people in a field would have landed us in a spot of bother with the government and so Blackstock, Glasto and other similar events were shelved.

Well, with the restaurants reopened (it’s been so lovely to welcome many of you back), and as the late Summer haze faded, Blackstock came back, and all the restaurants will be closed for the day and evening while our teams take a much-deserved break and get their (Covid-friendly) party started.

It was awesome.