When we started Blacklock we wanted to source the best meat and produce the UK had to offer and dish it up for the best value for money. In order to find the best, we travelled up and down the country before stumbling fortuitously on our now lifelong friend, Matt Chatfield. Matt is a Cornish lad through and through and back in 2014 was busily championing what he felt was the best produce in the UK tucked away down in Cornwall and Devon.

Rather than say, the rest is now history…after a few beers Matt either quite liked our passion for chops or felt sorry for us as we hadn’t found what we were looking for and introduced us to father and son, Philip and Ian Warren. Cornwall’s oldest third-generation farmers and butchers, the Warren Family themselves have had one goal since 1880, to breed and age the very best meat in the world. We knew we had found our guys.

Since day 1 we have worked exclusively with The Warren Family who breed and dry-age native and rare breed animals for us on their small farms in Cornwall. They like us, are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. All of our animals have lived long and happy lives, free to roam the fields and moors in Cornwall living on a natural grass fed diet. Sadly, far too many farmers do not follow these practices, but our opinion has, and always will be, that we should eat better quality meat, less often.